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Best Acid Wash Concrete Floor

Acid Wash Concrete Floor Photo

Acid Wash Concrete Floor –  This Isn‘t an editorial for all those looking how you can acid wash concrete. This really is about acquiring the same look, for lower than half the price of acid staining !

First off you have to gather your supplies. You could find them at any local home improvement store for example Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc. You‘ll need solid concrete stain ; I recommend two colors that complement one another i. e. a tan and also a dark brown. Concrete sealer which comes in several sheens so make a decision if you prefer a flat look within your floor or perhaps a slightly shiny look, and obtain sufficient to seal your floors 6-8 times. You will require a cheap gallon sprayer, just be sure It‘s an adjustable nozzle. An extended handled roller having a semi-smooth nap and paint tray. And in fact you‘ll need plastic and painters tape to guard your other surfaces. And a big section of cardboard or test space which you won’t mind messing up.

Second, remove all furniture coming from the room and ensure you prep your surface and surrounding surfaces well. I recommend covering 4-6 feet in the wall therefore you avoid over-spray and keeping to touch up paint. Ensure you vacuum or sweep really well because whichever is in your floor will certainly be in your floor forever when you start the method.

Now, you will be ready to begin ! Misunderstanding concrete stain because identical to paint, it separates and must be mixed. Carefully, off your surface, pour stain with your sprayer. Replace cap and when needed pump sprayer to get ready for spraying. Test your pattern on some cardboard or another space you do not mind messing up ; I tried it givenfor my garage floor. Be sure to keep your sprayer a couple of feet far from the ground, otherwise you‘ll puddles of stain When you‘re attempting to find splatters of stain. When you‘re comfortable using the look you‘re creating, attend work in your prepped floor. Bear in mind, you aren‘t attempting to completely cover the ground, you are attempting for an all-natural stone look. When you are performing the edges I recommend aiming a few feet up off the ground to obtain all of the way towards the edge and never puddle, but nonetheless obtain the splatter look you‘re going for. Ensure you work yourself the door rather than into your corner… you don‘t need to stand around expecting it to dry for 4 or so hours ! Pour any left over stain back into it is original container, and clean the sprayer so it is ready for the next color ! The entire process shouldn’t take very long, my 130 square foot room only took me about 45 minutes that will put one coat on.

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Then, wait the recommended time before you decide to start the next coat. Following the first coat is dry, repeat the method coming from the first coat, filling inside the areas you have less splatter in and covering the areas you have an excessive amount from the other color on. Again wait to the second coat to dry. If you‘re happy using the way your pattern turned out, continue onto sealing your floor. If you aren‘t completely happy along with your stain pattern, keep layering the various colors until you‘re happy using the pattern. The sealer won‘t affect the look, unless you have a semi-shiny sealer, It‘ll simply seal it so it does not scratch. I did three coats as well as for the 3rd coat I made use of a hand sprayer so I can obtain a finer mist and an inferior area to worry about, since the bleach sprayer includes a wider area it covers.

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